10 Best Cities In Skyrim, Ranked By Design


While many games include environments that deserve praise for their design, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has been repeatedly praised for composing its breathtaking landscapes and cities since the game’s release in 2011. A whole generation of gamers have become intimately familiar with the lands of the Nords, and a big part of that is the effort Bethesda put into building their fictional world.

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The Dragonborn traverse a variety of areas in their efforts to thwart Alduin, the World Eater, but none stand out as much as the wondrous towns found throughout. Skyrim. The Blue Palace of Solitude, Whiterun’s Dragonreach, and Winterhold’s College of Mages are just a few of the beautiful settings these towns offer, and while all gaming towns deserve recognition, a few in particular stand out. .

ten Morthal is barren, marshy colony

While most cities in Skyrim present at least some kind of unique landmark, Morthal is rather characterized by the opposite – the city, named after the hero Atmoran (the ancestors of the Norths, Britons and Imperials) Morihaus, lacks a market, armory, d stable and really anything else makes a city worth visiting.

Tucked away in the recesses of the Hjaalmarch Swamp, Morthal includes a few quests worth checking out, but these hardly make up for the boring nature of the dreary, isolationist town. All in all, players wouldn’t miss much if they avoided this town.

9 Dawnstar is a unique little harbor town

While some cities in Skyrim lack a bit of landmark identification, Dawnstar certainly isn’t plagued by this problem. Built around a bay, surrounded by mountains, and featuring a dedicated mine, Dawnstar packs several key landmarks into a fairly small area.

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The city itself is smaller than other population centers in Skyrim, but somehow the density of designs, quests, and characters found in Dawnstar more than makes up for its small size. This, when paired with its dragon spawn rate (tied for the highest of Skyrim next to the town of Winterhold), are worth a regular visit.

8 Falkreath history is worth checking out

Falkreath isn’t much larger than the small farming villages found in Skyrim, but it makes up for its relatively small size with quality questlines, a cozy atmosphere, and historical significance. Found near Skyrim’s border with Hammerfell and Cyrodil, Falkreath has been claimed by several different regions due to the many conflicts between nations.

Coincidentally, the only man to ever unify the continent of Tamriel, Tiber Septim (also founder of the Septim dynasty seen in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion), was once the leader of Falkreath’s forces, signaling that the quiet town may have once been of greater importance than that of Skyrim.

seven Winterhold’s College is the only sign of its former glory

Once the seat of magical lore in northern Tamriel, Winterhold has since been reduced to a tenuous mess, characterized by the dichotomy of its crumbling residential district and preserved college. The ancient capital of Skyrim, Winterhold flourished until what is known as “The Great Collapse”, an event that decimated the city and caused most of its area to collapse, minus the College of Winterhold , in the Sea of ​​Ghosts.

Fortunately, Winterhold College was shielded from most of the effects of the Great Collapse by a protective barrier – if it wasn’t, the town would be missing its iconic landmark and one gripping storyline, which revolves around of the inhabitants’ suspicion of their magic. – inclined neighbors.

6 Raven Rock brings Morrowind into the modern era

Included in the dragonborn DLC, Raven Rock is set on Solstheim, an ash-covered island in Morrowind that once belonged to Skyrim. Due to the fact that it takes place in a geographical region entirely separate from the rest of the game, the architecture and design of Raven Rock is a breath of fresh air, with archaic styles that have been used for centuries on the game. ‘island.

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Although the city is still on the smaller end of the spectrum compared to larger population centers, Raven Rock has a host of quests that complement its newfound atmosphere. On top of that, the city mine greatly increases its total area, making the larger city of Solstheim a popular destination for all Dragonborn.

5 Windhelm likely marks the earliest human settlement in Tamriel’s history

No city in Skyrim has more history than the town of Windhelm. The Winter Settlement was the first city to be settled by humanity in the region, and likely in all of Tamriel. Given this, it follows that Windhelm would be one of the greatest cities in the entire game, especially since it serves as the base of Ulfric Stormcloak, leader of Skyrim’s revolution against the Empire.

With several clearly separated boroughs within the city, few destinations in Skyrim can match Winterhold’s ability to tell a story through the layout of its city. However, compared to some of the larger cities in the game, Winterhold’s snowy landscape and ancient building designs make it slightly bland, leaving it in the middle of the pack.

4 Markarth is the only remaining populated Dwemer settlement

Markarth is a bit quirky compared to other towns in Skyrim, as this crime-infested city occupies what was once a Dwemer settlement. The since-extinct race was far more technologically advanced than their peers in the region, so the city benefits greatly from the architecture usually only found deep within Dwemer ruins.

Most Dwemer settlements are built deep within the ground, buried by centuries of vacancy; however, Markarth serves as evidence that the race was capable of building fine colonies above the surface. The Dwemer design, the waterway and the unique layout of the buildings make this city one of the best that Skyrim has to offer.

3 Riften’s design parallels his criminal activity

No city establishes its culture and general atmosphere faster than the city of Riften, ravaged by thieves. Nestled in the southeast of Skyrim, Riften and its design draw a perfect parallel to the underworld of crime found within its walls.

Above ground, the town is run by the family responsible for the majority of white-collar crime in Riften: the Black-Briar’s. Underground, deep within the sewers of Riften, the true criminal presence of this city is revealed: the Thieves Guild. The divided parts of Riften represent the dichotomy of criminal activity within the city, which makes this city stand out clearly from its peers.

2 Solitude is the pinnacle of Imperial architecture in northern Tamriel

Solitude crystallizes the essence of Tamriel’s society, history, and architecture more than anything within Skyrim. Seat of Imperial power in the region, Solitude is a far cry from the more rustic settlements found in the game, taking everything that made Windhelm a legendary city and propelling it into the modern age. Situated on a beautiful stone arch above the Karth River, this town is by far the most beautiful town, and perhaps the landmark, found in the entire game.

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While the features found within Solitude’s walls – its Imperial-filled castle, magnificent Blue Palace, catacombs and expansive residential area, to name a few – are iconic elements that demand recognition, it also features an abnormally high amount of structures and individuals outside its walls, making it one of the best-designed spaces of all. Skyrim.

1 Whiterun Represents Everything Fans Love About Skyrim

While Solitude does a great job of creating a space that feels like Tamrielic, no place in the game feels more northern than the game’s iconic town of Whiterun. Located in the dead center of Skyrim, Whiterun serves not only as the commercial heart of the region under Jarl Balgruuf, but also as the cultural center of the region. Whiterun is reminiscent of an older way of life in Skyrim, as evidenced by the longboat that brought the first settlers to Skyrim, Jorrvaskr (the home of beloved companions).

Equipped with the aforementioned hall of companions, the Gildergreen tree (an offshoot of the Eldergleam tree, believed to be the oldest living thing in Tamriel), three different living quarters, and a dungeon built for catching dragons , Whiterun serves as a crash course in what makes Nordic culture so fun to explore, cementing the city’s legacy in Ancient Scrollsfranchise.


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