1797 Cinnaminson Farm House For Sale: Sweetwater Homestead



Surrounded by suburbia, the Sweetwater Homestead – once the anchor for a 92-acre farm – has been remodeled for modern living.

Surrounded by the 1950s, this beautiful restored farmhouse takes you back to the 18th century while offering you the comfort and amenities of the 21st century. It is located at 709 Glenwood Court, Cinnaminson, NJ, 08077 | This photo: Sandy Smith; all others: Nick Danze Photography

Most likely the first reaction you will have when driving to 709 Glenwood Court in Cinnaminson is the one I had when I did:

“What is this beautiful old house doing in a 1950s cul-de-sac?”

Here is the answer: This cul-de-sac and the dozens of houses surrounding it were once the domain of the original owners of this house.

“It was originally Sunny Slope Farm,” says real estate agent-developer David Spaventa of this Cinnaminson farm for sale. “The owners had divided it up like a 92-acre farm. Over the years they have sold [pieces of the farm] leaves for development.

“Then I believe it was 1959, they sold the remaining piece of land to a developer and they built this neighborhood here.”

The original house you see in the photo above dates from 1797-98. As the farmland shrank, the house grew with additions; the last addition to the house was built the same year the owners sold the last piece of the farm, 1959. What was left of the farm was the 0.87 acre lot on which this house sits. Spaventa, which has rehabilitated other historic homes in the area, bought this one at an auction last year.

This farm was once full of orchards. “They had everything – maples, fruit trees, pear trees,” says Spaventa. “What’s left are a few black nuts.” (A large oak tree that stood in the backyard fell during one of the severe storms last year. Spaventa has set up a “family garden” plot as a memorial in its place.)

These black nuts, one might say, are the origin of the Spaventa restoration, reconstruction and recycling project.

Yes, recycling project. Where possible, Spaventa recovered the wood from the interior demolition and reused it in the renovation. He complimented the salvaged materials with items sourced from Provenance, the architecture and salvage store in Philadelphia, to create a home that is rustic, classic, and modern at the same time.

And while Spaventa had no more idea of ​​what was to come than the rest of us, the way he remade this house makes it a great choice for anyone who likes to be entertained but wants to keep things going. socially distant.

house for sale cinnaminson farm house foyer

Foyer; the main entrance is on the side of the house, in a wing added at the beginning of the 20th century

The ground floor contains a spacious living room, an equally spacious dining room and an upper kitchen with drawers open to the dining room.

house for sale cinnaminson farm house living room


The living room contains the only one of the three fireplaces in this house that still works. Spaventa explained that the ducts of the other two had become so badly disfigured that they could not be repaired without demolishing part of the original house. French doors isolate the living room from the foyer and the dining room.

house for sale cinnaminson farm house dining room

Dining room

house for sale cinnaminson farm house dining room

Dining room

Some of the reclaimed white oak has penetrated the ceiling of the dining room in a way that makes it appear that a door had been placed there intact. This is just one of the many smart things Spaventa has done in the makeover. Built-in storage drawers, porcelain cabinets and shelves are all original in the house.



butler's pantry

Butler’s Pantry

Where the living room and dining room retain their classic colonial character, the kitchen is where the rustic and the modern meet. Recycled black walnut counters, reclaimed white oak trim, reused oak beams in the butler’s pantry, and a farmhouse sink give the space a rustic air, but modern stainless steel appliances and the over the stove pot filler let you know it’s equipped for today’s serious cook.

wine cellar

Wine cellar

tasting room

Tasting room

And if you’re hosting a dinner party that tests the limits of gatherings, you also have the option of having some of your guests repaired in the basement, where you’ll find a 700-bottle temperature-controlled wine cellar and adjacent tasting room.

projection room

Projection room

At the top, in the attic, you will find another space made for entertainment: a projection room designed to accommodate 16 people. Here, as in the relaxation room on the other side of this floor, the original brick and woodwork has been left exposed in places.

relaxation room

Relaxation room

The relaxation room has a clawfoot tub; you could if you wish to transform this room into your own private spa. Note the thick black walnut beams in this room.

master bedroom

Master bedroom

main bathroom

Main bathroom

Between the ground floor and the attic are four of the house’s five bedrooms and two of its three bathrooms.

One of these bathrooms is a beautiful new bathroom adjoining the master bedroom. It features a programmable, computer-controlled shower stall along with double vanities, circle mirrors, and lots of reclaimed wood.

The fifth bedroom is part of a master suite with its own separate exterior entrance on the ground floor.

rear terrace

Back patio and outdoor fireplace

The last nod to this house’s historic past is its name: Sweetwater Homestead. The name evokes life on the border, doesn’t it? Well those days may be long gone in this corner of New Jersey, but I can think of very few nicer places to claim your right to a little piece of the good life than this historic farmhouse in New Jersey. Cinnaminson for sale.



SPA: 3


SELLING PRICE: $ 689,999

709 Glenwood Court, Cinnaminson, NJ 08077 [David Spaventa | The Saratoga Group | eXp Realty]


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