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Donald Scott Bell and Susan Schaub of Theo & Isabella Design Group check out the herb plantations at Casey Farm ?? s August ?? Field Party, ?? a farm-to-fork fundraiser to support the farm owned and operated by Historic New England.

By Jill Connors

Historic New England is dedicated to the preservation of historically significant culture, art and architecture throughout the region, and its “Field Party”? fundraising circa 1750 Casey Farm this month of August was a delightful way to talk about this story. More than 100 guests, some from as far away as Essex, Massachusetts, and Villanova, Pa., Gathered around two long harvest tables set among the growing fields of the farm in Saunderstown, Rhode Island. ?? one of four historic New England properties in the state.


Tables set in the middle of the farm’s fields of grass and flowers are set for the more than 100 guests present.

The menu, developed by West Bay Gourmet of Narragansett, Rhode Island, includes produce grown at Casey Farm, as well as beef raised by Watson Farm Historic New England in nearby Jamestown, Rhode Island. Drinks were provided by Narragansett Brewing Company, Newport Vineyards and Thomas Tew Rum. The local group Saddle Up the Chicken provided the entertainment for the evening.


From left to right: Vicky L. Kruckeberg, Executive Director, Dedham Historical Society, with Designing New England editor Gail Ravgiala and DNE editor-in-chief Jill Connors.

A procession of design aficionados was in attendance at the farm-to-table feast, showing how the bond strengthens Ogden Codman Design Group, a Historic New England member group that connects design professionals ?? and also finances an interior decoration project on an HNA site. The next event for the Ogden Codman Design Group is Codman Cocktails, Thursday, September 4, 6 to 8 p.m. at the Boston Design Center, 1 Design Center Place, Boston.


art history professor Tripp Evans; doctor Peter Karczmar; and Journal of Providence director Ed Cabral.

This was the first time that the farm and EST hosted a ?? Field Feast ?? Event. We hope that its success ($ 25,000 was raised to support the farm and its programs) prompts them to plan a lot more. In the meantime, daily activities continue on the farm. Among them are the Coastal Producers Market held every Saturday morning until October 25. The market is a great way to walk around the farm and select pasture-fed meats, locally raised shellfish, and fresh produce that can help you create your own enchanted gathering on a summer evening.

For more information on supporting the Historic New England Group, Casey Farm and Ogden Codman Design, contact [email protected] or call 617-994-5951.


Andrew Spindler-Roesle, owner of Andrew Spindler Antiques, in Essex, Massachusetts.


Lanterns and candles placed in canning jars gave the tables a romantic glow as the sun set, and guests were called to the table.

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