Celebrity Chef Baek Jong-won’s New Show Focuses on Farm Products

SEOUL, 05 Dec. (Yonhap) – Baek Jong-won has a number of jobs and titles, such as chef, food researcher, artist, writer, essayist, and businessman. He is busy running large franchise restaurants and coffeehouse chains, while appearing on various television shows including SBS’s “Baek Jong-won’s Alley Restaurant” and tvN’s “High School Lunch Cook-off”.

This winter, the prolific and active jack of all trades launched a new reality show, “Delicious Rendezvous,” which premieres Thursday night on SBS.

In the program, Baek, who is famous for spreading surprisingly simple yet tasty recipes for Korean staples, shows his abilities again.

He creates new recipes for a selected ingredient in a small farm or fishing village and sells the food in high-traffic public spaces like bus stations and gas stations.

He and his teammates – Kim Hee-chul from boy group Super Junior, Kim Dong-jun from boy group ZE: A, and comedian Yang Se-hyung – travel to remote farming villages across the country and discover ingredients that don’t. not selling well. .

“I am concerned about an oversupply of agricultural products, such as potatoes and garlic, this year,” Baek said at a press conference Thursday. “This show is designed to look for ways to promote the consumption of these excessive ingredients by discovering simple and delicious recipes.”

Moreover, it also focuses on some farm produce and seafood which is not popular because there are no suitable and easy ways to cook it. His team discovers these lesser-used items across the country and invents delicious dishes from them.

He said the show will help restaurateurs and cooks get information about unfamiliar foods and recipes, while the audience will also get a glimpse of new dishes to cook at home.

“This program is difficult for me too, because I have to come up with new, inventive, fresh recipes with weird foods that are rarely used in cooking,” said Baek, who has hosted successful food variety shows like “House Cook Master Baek “from tvN and SBS. “The three great emperors of Baek Jong-won.” “I think this is a compilation of my past shows on cooking and selling food.”

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