Raja Singh alleges Sania Mirza allowed calf shooting on a farm

Hyderabad: One of BJP’s most controversial MPs, Raja Singh, claimed on Wednesday that tennis star Sania Mirza was present when a calf was slaughtered five days ago in the forest of the Dammagudem reserve in Vikarabad.

According to the Indian Express report, Raja Singh claimed that Sania Mirza owned a farm near where the calf was found dead. He also claimed that residents said Sania’s caretaker Umer shot the calf and that she was also present at the time of the incident.

Raja Singh calls for an investigation

The Goshamahal MP also called on Telangana’s chief minister, KCR, to initiate a murder investigation against those who killed the “holy cow” and to investigate Sania’s role in the incident.

On October 23, a dead calf with gunshot wounds was found, along with a buffalo, near Dammagudem village of Pudur mandal in Vikarabad. The police suspected the keeper of a farm and arrested him.

Further adding that hunting wild animals is a pastime of Sania Mirza and her family, Raja Singh said: “The villagers say that Sania often came to the farm with her relatives from Dubai and Saudi Arabia. They would go hunting in the forest. There have also been cases of peacocks being killed inside the farm, which have never been revealed. “

Sania Mirza denies all allegations

According to a report by Reddif, Sania Mirza finally released an official statement Thursday evening denying all of Raja Singh’s allegations against her.

His statement read: “False and malicious information is circulating in some sections of the media by special interests that a cow has been slaughtered in Parigi in the Vikharabad district on a farm which is maliciously claimed to be mine.”

“I really had no intention of responding to this crazy fake story, but just to put a stop to it, I would like to make the following clarifications.”

“I don’t own any farm in Parigi. I DO NOT HAVE ANY person whose name has been mentioned in the media in my job. And finally, I have been OUT OF THE COUNTRY since the beginning of September, ”said Sania.

“I hope this statement ends this story and that in the future I will not be subjected to such ridiculous baseless stories.”

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