3 days of organic farm products mela kick start in subedari

Hanamkonda: The Annadata Organic Farmers Cooperative Society, backed by Bala Vikasa, a leading NGO promoting sustainable agriculture through organic farming, held a three-day organic Mela on Sunday at the auditorium of the University College of the Arts and sciences from Subedari to Hanamkonda.

Chief Whip D Vinay Bhaskar, who inaugurated the mela, said: “Bala Vikasa has implemented many programs and activities to help farmers practice organic farming. I pledge my support and cooperation for the creation of similar stands and for the development and promotion of a digital platform for Warangal organic farmers on the lines of siddipetorganicproducts.com. ”

“Organic mela is our attempt to improve farmer-consumer relations and provide farmers with better market offers. said Shoury Reddy Singareddy, executive director of Bala Vikasa. Farm-fresh, hand-picked, naturally grown, chemical-free and certified organic produce were on display in the mela. Hanamkonda ACP Jithender Reddy was among others present.

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“Nightmare” experience moving agricultural products through California ports right now


I’m Clinton Griffiths with today’s AgDay Minute.

A “nightmare” is what agricultural exporters say they are currently experiencing while trying to move agricultural products through California ports. An increase in freight volumes, reduced port labor and other issues have contributed to a shortage of sea containers. Shippers trying to export California crops and commodities say they have suffered canceled reservations, increased costs and concerns over lost business. They fear that the problems will subside for weeks or even months.

And shipping issues aren’t good news if you’re enjoying that morning cup of coffee. It is reported that the coffee supply in the United States is decreasing and wholesale prices are increasing due to the global shortage of shipping containers. Coffee stocks have fallen to their lowest level in six years in the United States, even though Brazil has a record harvest. Experts say shipping costs have more than doubled from Latin America.

One thing Americans have stocked up on is meat. New data shows grocery store sales of meat climbed 20% between 20-19-2020. The North American Meat Institute, also claiming that three in four Americans agree that meat is part of a healthy, balanced diet. This is almost 20% more than last year. And almost all American households, over 98%, bought meat in the last year.

For more information on farming, watch AgDay, weekdays on this station. Or at any time… on agweb.com. Plus, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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Here is a tour of Bea Alonzo’s farm in Zambales

First of all, Bea Alonzo took us on a tour of her family’s farm, Beati Firma, in Zambales, which they acquired in 2011. The actress shared, “BAt the time, I was very young. Naisip ko, ‘Kaya na ba naming mag-cultivate? Is it worth it? Matututukan ba namin? ‘“10 years later this is a place she considers her ‘sanctuary’ and luckily we got a closer look at the properties in the area.

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She shared that they actually spent a lot of time on the patio: “Yesung talagang bahay, we designed it so that we can spend a lot of time outdoors because we want to eat outdoors and gusto rin naming my-appreciate young seen ng mountains … then pina-to deploy themselves ko talaga ‘thong Region na ‘to. “Anecdote: The house was a garage before she decided to renovate it!

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Visit to the Bea Alonzo farm in Zambales: patio

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On the patio, they have a “breakfast nook”, where she and her mother enjoy a meal before her morning run.

Visit to the Bea Alonzo farm in Zambales: breakfast nook

May poso rin close kasi they had one in front of their house in Taguig: “IIt reminds us of our humble beginnings. ”

Visit to the Bea Alonzo farm in Zambales

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Their farm has two kitchens: Bea’s family celebrates a lot of occasions here, so they spend a lot of time cooking and preparing the food. All over the house they have pictures and signs and the one in their kitchen says, “TThe most important work you will ever have will be on the walls of your house. “

Bea Alonzo Farm Tour in Zambales: Indoor Kitchen

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From the first part of his tour of the farm, you may remember that we saw signs for “Maison de Basha” (guest rooms) and “Maison de Santiago” (her brother’s house). . We weren’t able to see the interior of the guesthouses in this vlog as his team is currently staying there, but we were able to take a look at his brother’s house and it’s as warm as you can get. think! Perhaps the most exciting part, however, is when Bea took us inside the main house. Oh my god, you guys. Ganda angel! Bea opted for a rustic, vintage vibe inspired by American-style farmhouses. I mean, let’s all watch this show:

Visit to the Bea Alonzo farm in Zambales: living room

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There are beams on the ceiling to create drama with the lights below. Bea pointed out this gorgeous mahogany top and said that they chose to keep its normal textures.

Bea Alonzo Farm Tour in Zambales: Mahogany Table

She also pointed to the Windsor chairs near the door: “I love it because it’s a classic chair, it matches the whole aesthetic of the place. “

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Visit of the Bea Alonzo farm in Zambales: windsor chair

Near the photo wall is a beautiful bar cart in hardware in wood, leather and gold.

Bea Alonzo Farm Tour in Zambales: Bar Cart

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And in the dining room you will find a bespoke table also made of mahogany and right next to it is a huge mirror which makes the space feel a bit bigger.

Visit to the Bea Alonzo farm in Zambales: dining room

Her bedroom is small but very bright. Bea reiterated how special this farm is to her: “It really serves as my sanctuary whenever I’m feeling down. I come here to feel rejuvenated and to realize how lucky I am to have a family like mine … to remember the things you have, especially when you can’t have the things you want.

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Visit to Bea Alonzo Farm in Zambales: room

The bed frame is made of rattan and next to it is a mirror solihiya. Her bathroom was equally chic, with a solihiya cabinet, rose gold hardware, and machuca floor tiles.

Visit to the Bea Alonzo farm in Zambales: bathroom

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Her tour of the farm introduced a new dream that I didn’t even know I had, okay.

Watch the video below for the full tour of Bea Alonzo’s farm:


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Laboratory test to boost the export of farm products

| Update:
March 20, 2021 10:05:27 PM

The proposed action plan to boost the export of agricultural products appears to be just a routine exercise as it tends to view high yield as the main factor in increasing exports. What is in fact equally, if not more, important besides the productivity and diversification of agricultural products is the crucial need to bring them into conformity with the various requirements of sanitary, phytosanitary and other technical standards of importing countries. . For a long time, meeting the compliance needs of target markets has been a problem for exporting Bangladesh’s agricultural products – mainly vegetables – to their potential. However, as the volume of exports was low, exporting was not considered too strong a deterrent. But in recent years, the compliance protocol has become of real concern, making exports nearly impossible unless shipments absolutely comply with quality and various other compliance standards which vary from country to country. So, when it comes to increasing the exports of agricultural products, one of the most important aspects is to make sure that the items meet the standards and compliance standards specific to each country.

It is relevant to note that compliance does not only mean quality, but the processes involved in production and pre-shipment testing protocols which must comply with the mandatory requirements of the importing country. This is where laboratory testing plays a key role in conformity assessment. At present, there are testing laboratories in the country, but the lack of coordination and poor or deficient adherence to the quality and technical standards set by the importing countries has led to a feeling of uncertainty about the acceptance of their certification in foreign markets. Equipping laboratories with modern technology and skilled labor is therefore essential to significantly increase exports of agricultural products. The number of laboratories capable of doing the job with appropriate international accreditation are only a few and, therefore, they are not able to meet the requirements of a representative sample of products. In this context, obtaining accreditation for an increased number of local laboratories should be a priority for the authorities. Accreditation will also facilitate testing of exportable food products – both primary and processed – before shipment.

Accreditation is an international practice in which certification of competence, authority or credibility is presented. Organizations that issue credentials or certify third parties are themselves formally accredited by accreditation bodies. The testing laboratories accredited to perform the work are thus responsible for ensuring compliance with established technical requirements involving physical, chemical, forensic, quality and safety standards.

Now that the relevant authorities are reportedly working on the action plan to boost the export of agricultural products, they must also consider adequate laboratory testing facilities as a prerequisite. In fact, in the opinion of industry insiders, had there been proper testing facilities in the country, the export of agricultural products and products, especially vegetables, would have already marked a significant increase not only in traditional markets but also in new markets.

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