3M Reveals Its Views on Key Trends in Science, Technology and Design via 3M Futures


  • 3M introduces a new platform called 3M Futures that explores five cutting-edge science and technology trends impacting the world today – and their implications for tomorrow.
  • 3M scientists, engineers, designers and experts share and explore key topics within each trend, offering their unique insights and insights.
  • 3M publishes Futures Survey: A global survey conducted in 11 countries, the study explores perceptions and expectations of science and technological innovation – and how individuals perceive its impact in their lives.

3M launches 3M Futures, a new platform showcasing five global science and technology trends that are shaping today’s world and tomorrow’s future. The platform explores every topic with commentary and insights from leading 3M experts, scientists, engineers and designers. 3M Futures also presents data from global research conducted by third parties in 11 countries to understand perceptions of these science, technology and design trends.

McKinsey Analytics published a December 2021 report mentioning that India is one of the top adopters of artificial intelligence (AI) among emerging economies. Likewise, the Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) market in India is expected to grow at a CAGR of 38.29% till 2027. Considering the scenario, there is huge potential for the application of technology in everyday life. lives for the Indians.

The 3M Futures topics for 2022 are:

  • Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR)

Wearables Segment Pushes Adoption Rate in India Mixed Reality is already changing the way we live, work and play – the Metaverse is about to change our perception of reality.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

India’s National AI Mission focuses on using AI to meet societal needs in sectors such as health, education, agriculture, mobility and smart cities – How artificial intelligence and machine learning are revolutionizing everything from entertainment to business, but require conversations about broader implications and ethics.

Government of India wants to move from linear economy to circular economy through various policies such as waste management rules, e-waste management rules, construction and demolition waste management rules, metal recycling policy, etc. – The circular economy introduces innovation in materials science and design while disrupting industry, paving the way for a more sustainable future.

  • The new paradigm A world aware of the pandemic

The 2021 3M State of Science Index highlighted that Indians trust science to recover in a post-pandemic environment– The pandemic has created a paradigm shift in the way we interact. From telemedicine and health-conscious design to remote working, the new abnormal is here to stay.

  • Equity By science and technology

With the pandemic, the world now recognizes that diversity can help science achieve more, including greater global collaboration between scientists, more innovative ideas, new and improved approaches to existing research techniques.– The greatest innovation comes from various thinkers. Equity, representation and equal access to science and technology learning, such as minority representation and youth STEM, are key to solving the challenges of today and tomorrow .

Ramesh Ramadurai, Managing Director, 3M India, said, “3M has successfully navigated emerging global megatrends by introducing new products and solutions that help customers become more competitive. Exceptional customer experiences are more important than ever. 3M Futures gives us exciting insight into how 3M can help shape a new frontier, reimagine what is possible.”

Key findings include:

Public health, humanitarian crises, extreme weather crises, a cure for Alzheimer’s disease and environmental disasters are seen as the main issues to focus on over the next 5 years.

  • consumer virtual reality

Virtual reality should be part of our daily lives sooner than other advancements, especially in games and entertainment.

The survey results showed that while people are excited about AI, many are concerned about data privacy and want more transparency about how the technology is used in society.

  • Sustainability: main environmental threats

Respondents believe single-use plastics pose a bigger threat to the environment than fossil fuels and fast fashion.

In the shadow of the pandemic, tech-driven innovations are meeting with some resistance as many try to reduce technology in their lives and seek in-person socializing and hobbies.

“Every day, 3Seas around the world are unlocking the next phase of what’s possible and exploring the latest trends in science and technology,” says Kevin Gilboe, 3M Design Manager, International. “3M Futures is a great opportunity for us to showcase the many ways 3M is helping shape the future – by developing, engineering and designing cutting-edge solutions within the most relevant global trends, while showcasing the incredible talents of our company who are experts in their fields”.

“Virtual reality opens new dimensions to human interactions, provides access to hyper-real environments and enables new business models. In India, we are focused on tapping into the local design talent pool to create experiences in the virtual world that connect us to our customers in new and innovative ways. said Blessen Phillip, Senior Design Manager, 3M India.

3M experts

The expert contributors chosen to participate include a range of leading 3M scientists, engineers, designers and other industry leaders. From artificial intelligence to equity, each is passionate about their field and takes a personal interest in the broad applications of relevant technology and science.

3M Futures Survey

The 3M Futures Survey reveals global perceptions of future technologies, with results from 11 countries: Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Mexico, UK, USA and South Korea. The survey reveals what respondents believe future innovation should focus on across the world and how they have – or have not – directly interacted with the technologies referenced in the five core trends.​

After launch, 3M Futures will offer ongoing stories, VR demos and content throughout the year. Insights from the survey will inform exploration of future topics and content.

To download the full 3M Futures survey data, including country and infographic breakdowns, visit: 3M Futures Resource Center

3M Futures Survey Methodology

Global business intelligence firm Morning Consult conducted research on behalf of 3M with an audience of n=22,001 adults aged 18-64 in the US, UK, Mexico, Brazil, in Canada, Germany, France, China, India, Japan and South Korea between November 17 to December 18, 2021. Interviews were conducted online and data was balanced by gender, age, income and region. Survey results have a margin of error of +/- 1%.


At 3M, we apply science collaboratively to improve everyday life when our people connect with customers around the world. To learn more about 3M’s creative solutions to global challenges, visit www.3M.com or on Twitter @3M or @3MNews.


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