6 Art and Design Shows on Netflix to Spark Your Inner Creativity


Do you feel like you’re missing out on what’s going on in the world? Well, worry no more. From the comfort of your own home, or anywhere for that matter, you can now learn about the world’s most innovative designers and their works from the comfort of your home via Netflix with its art and design.

When it comes to unwinding after a long day, Netflix is ​​my drug. For me, logging on to the streaming service doesn’t always mean catching the latest episode of a reality show (no judgment, though). Sometimes when I want to find inspiration or just feel cultured, I drop by an art and design exhibition or docuseries. It’s like killing two birds with one stone – I can relax and let my brain go blank after a busy day, but at the same time I’m (sort of) taking in useful information.

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Best Art and Design Shows on Netflix

Summary: The art of design

With two seasons available, this documentary series takes you inside the minds of the world’s most innovative designers across a variety of disciplines. Each episode dives deep into a different creative bubble of the design world, including illustration, graphic design, set design, and even shoemaking. As an architecture graduate, I recommend starting with Bjarke Ingels’ episode, which focuses on the Danish architect’s “pragmatic utopian” designs, like a clean power plant topped with a ski slope.

Watch Abstract: The Art of Design on Netflix here.


Photo: Art&Tech/Netflix

If you like anime, pixel art or music videos, then Art&Tech is for you. Explore the intersection between art and technology in this two-season Japanese show, where each episode introduces a new contemporary artist and takes a closer look at their innovative methods. The inaugural episode features Japanese artist, illustrator, and character designer PALOW, who shares the inspiration behind his famous Bug Mechanic Girl illustrations and the design process of creating the character of virtual singer KAF.

Watch Art&Tech on Netflix here.

Made by design

Explore African creative talent in the first season of this Netflix documentary about Nigerian design. In each episode of the 13-part series, the viewer is introduced to a Nigerian designer, who is a leader in his field and who has embraced the function-oriented design perspective of working in Africa. The show also addresses misconceptions about African design and describes it as multifaceted. Some segments can be a bit heavy, but each episode is self-contained, so you can start and stop whenever you want.

Watch Made by Design on Netflix here.

The World’s Most Incredible Vacation Rentals

With international travel resuming and a relatively light seven-day quarantine upon our arrival in Hong Kong, it’s time to start planning your next trip. Catch both available seasons of The World’s Most Incredible Vacation Rentals on Netflix, which, according to its title, features the best vacation homes from around the world. From a bird’s nest in Bali to a gourmet farm-to-table stay in the Berkshires, these escapes are quite different – and can even come true if you choose.

Watch the world’s most incredible vacation rentals on Netflix here.

Tiny House Nation

Surprise, surprise – tiny houses aren’t just a thing in Hong Kong (although we seem to be the only ones with no choice when it comes to the size of our houses). Tiny House Nation shows you can have it all while living small. Learn some tips and tricks from the tiny homeowners featured in each episode, from a songwriter with a family plan to live in a luxury tiny house to a night shift nurse who goes mobile in a tiny house. What do you guys think? Can we understand or are these Americans crazy for choosing to live this way?

Watch Tiny House Nation on Netflix here.

creative indians

Travel to South Asia to experience the best of India’s creative scene in this documentary series. creative indians covers a range of disciplines, from chefs and comedians to filmmakers and fashion designers. You do not know where to start ? Check out Delhi-based band Peter Cat Recording Co. in their episode, which gives the viewer a glimpse into the musical influences of India’s most contemporary sounds; or check out the works of graphic novelist Sarnath Banerjee, who shares with whom he uses text and imagery to offer social commentary.

Watch The Creative Indians on Netflix here.

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