Austin’s “new” Farm House restaurant is a hidden escape from the hustle and bustle: come back to another world?


II sit on the wraparound porch of a pretty farmhouse sipping a glass of fortified milk punch and eating honey cookies. The sun shines through a canopy of living oak trees, jazz and chatter floats in the air and peacocks roam the lawn.

It is deliciously easy to forget where I am and, for that reason, when I am.

This is just the effect that Mattie’s at Green Pastures has. The idyllic restaurant has been ripped from another world – one with Southern beauties and hand-painted porcelain – and hidden in the greenery of Austin.

Mattie’s opened in March after a major renovation of the historic property.

Mattie’s opened in March at the historic Green Pastures property after undergoing a major facelift. While he’s relatively new to Austin’s burgeoning restaurant scene, he’s already an icon.

The magnificent home was built in 1893 and the Green Pastures restaurant opened on site in 1946. Today, after a 13 month complete renovation, it has regained its former glory.

“Mattie’s reintroduces an experience that will take you to a remote location, just a mile from downtown Austin,” says Greg Porter, owner and developer of the restaurant. “It awakens your senses and welcomes you to the essence of Texan hospitality.”

Porter developed the project with Jeff Trigger, founder and president of La Corsha Hospitality (responsible for the restoration of Driskill and Stoneleigh).

Restoring iconic buildings, especially one as beloved as this one, can be a risky endeavor. But Mattie turned out to be so adorable. It’s charming without being overwhelming; a clever mix of old and new.

The beauty of the home is updated with a bold color palette and modern details. The interior design was led by Joel Mozersky, who is the originator of Austin’s hippest places (Uchi, Uchiko, Palazzo Lavaca, Native Hostel, Juliet).

Honestly, it’s worth a visit just for the impeccable ambiance. However, the food and drink will not disappoint. The menu pays homage to the restaurant’s history with updates to old-fashioned dishes like chili cheese and fried chicken. In addition, the kitchen uses all-natural meat and poultry, sustainably sourced seafood and local products. There is also a wide variety of fun craft cocktails, wines and beers.

If you’re heading to the capital for Austin City Limits in the next few weeks, I invite you to take some time for a quiet meal at Mattie’s – or at least a glass of punch. It’s open for brunch, happy hour, and dinner, and will be just as charming any time of the day.


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