Bat threat during barn conversion at Grove Farm House in Herne Bay


A threat to rare bats will need to be addressed as part of plans to convert old barns into a new four-bedroom house, according to wildlife experts.

The risk was identified in a biodiversity report for a planning request for the partial demolition and restoration of barns on the grounds of Grove Farm House in Bullockstone Road, Herne Bay.

Existing barns at Grove Farm House in Bullockstone Road, Herne Bay

Experts say brown bats with long, protected ears are currently roosting in one of the barns and a new bat loft will need to be created in the roof, which will likely require a property overhaul.

The report concludes: “The proposed development will result in the loss of bat roosts and could kill or injure bats present at the time of construction.

“As such, a European license and mitigation strategy for protected species will be needed to allow development to take place without any infringements being committed.”

The applicants, Liz and Mark White, are asking for the change in use of the farm buildings, including an old pigsty, barn and stables, and a classified building permit for the work.

Details of all planning requests can be found in our Public Notices section in print or online, along with a host of other announcements ranging from liquor license applications and road closures, to homologation. and public rights of way.

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