Dairy Farm House, Queen Adelaide, planning conflict


2:46 PM October 30, 2021

4:25 p.m. October 30, 2021

A councilor wants “severe penalties” against a builder who withdrew a retrospective request to use his land as a construction site.

Jamie Johnson also withdrew a second request to replace the house he bought at auction for £ 329,000 in March.

Councilor Simon Harries told East Cambs council that if they did not take action, it would reward the man for his “obvious wrongdoing”.

Cllr Harries commented in response to inquiries from Dairy Farm House, Prickwillow Road, Queen Adelaide.

Planning officer Holly Chapman explained to Mr Johnson that there were so many issues it was best to resubmit them with amendments.

She said the proposed new house was unacceptable in terms of size and would be of an “unusual” scale and volume for the village.

The land around her has been stripped and she wonders why an ecological or arboreal report was not included.

Planning request (withdrawn) for Dairy Farm House. The picture shows the gate that was erected
– Credit: ECDC

“The proposals are exceptionally far from being able to demonstrate a significant net gain in biodiversity, which in itself is a reason for rejection,” she said.

“The nominations indicate that more than 100 tons of hardcore and other materials have been deposited on the site, but no certificate has been provided to demonstrate where this material comes from.”

The developers “cannot therefore conclude that the site is safe for residential purposes, which constitutes another ground for refusal”.

Planning request (withdrawn) for the dairy farm

Planning request (withdrawn) for Dairy Farm House. The picture shows the gate to the courtyard
– Credit: ECDC

Mr Johnson had submitted a retrospective change-of-use request to authorize a builder’s yard, new boundary fence and two double gates.

Cllr Harries said: “If the council does not impose severe penalties on people who show an absolute lack of concern and interest in these critically important environmental policies, they should not be rewarded for their achievements. obvious wrongdoing.

“The measures taken were extreme and very damaging for an important area of ​​animal and plant diversity.

“The damage caused cannot be easily repaired. ”

He said a mature wildlife frame was used for the landfill “and there doesn’t seem to be any clarity as to what kind of material has been dumped here.

“Other loads of hard material or rubble have passed through this site in recent months, and we cannot be sure that such material has not been buried here as well.

“I am aware that planning remains an intensely scrutinized and sensitive subject, and that there is a ready-made assumption in favor of any candidate who may have a business reason to use the land in a particular way.

“That said, the planning department has a duty to uphold core council policies.

“This app has done great damage in all of these aspects of politics.

“He destroyed mature trees, razed an area rich in insects, plants and animals, and attempted to destroy hedges during the bird breeding season.”

Cllr Harries believes council should demand “full restoration of the damage done to date.”

He added: “The point we need to remember is that the board is struggling to meet difficult but absolutely necessary environmental goals.

“Every action taken by reckless, thoughtless and greedy people makes it harder to achieve these vital goals.

Planning request (withdrawn) for the dairy farm

Planning request (withdrawn) for the dairy farm
– Credit: ECDC

“The wrongdoers must be confronted and punished, all of these actions being made very public to deter future wrongdoing. ”

A neighbor told planners that the old Victorian farmhouse was previously surrounded by a mature garden.

There was little traffic and the gardens were large and “contained many micro-habitats, mature trees and a pond.”

“The owner, even when he moved to a hospice, continued to have the garden maintained.

Planning request (withdrawn) for the dairy farm

Planning request (withdrawn) for Dairy Farm House. The above photo was submitted to ECDC by Jamie Johnson, the owner
– Credit: ECDC

After his death, the property was put up for auction and Mr Johnson succeeded in becoming the owner.

He immediately started the development work.

“Almost all the vegetation in the garden has been removed,” he said.

“A hedge has been pulled up and a fence erected. The topsoil in the garden was scraped away and several hundred tons of garbage were buried. Part of the topsoil was removed and the rest put back on the cuttings. ”

The neighbor said law enforcement officers have pointed out to Mr Johnson that the development has not been approved.


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