Decorate Your Holiday Party With Design Tips From Delaware Experts


Photo by Jim Coarse

Local event planning and interior design experts explain how to add sparkle and style to your Delaware vacation party this year.

Dear Przelomski has been a pioneer in entertainment for over 30 years, designing dazzling table settings, whimsical themes and game plans that ensure games go off perfectly.

The founder and CEO of the Planning plant in Wilmington, Delaware, Przelomski takes the guesswork out of hosting. She and her daughter Lindsay Barnett are experts at creating memorable celebrations, offering advice for those who want to boost their party prowess at home for the holidays.

“We’re going back to what we knew before COVID, that you can have a table for 10 people or less, that’s wonderful, as long as you include all the important items,” she says.

For this pro, that includes creating an aura of abundance with multiple items as centerpieces.

“It could be a combination of flowers and candlesticks of varying shapes and sizes, layered with fruit or vegetables sprayed with gold or silver, with twigs,” she says. “Artichokes make excellent candle holders, especially when placed on a farm table.”

Bring out the best in silver, porcelain and crystal. Arrange several glasses for sparkling, red and white wines.

“Always have something unexpected, like a Lucite cutout of each guest’s name on a card holder placed on top of a plate. It’s a lovely keepsake that your guests can take home, ”she says.

For a spectacularly sparkling table, Przelomski suggests covering the top with a huge mirror.

“If you can’t make a full mirrored table top, you can achieve a similar effect by using smaller mirrored tiles to create a large center area or, for a touch, get 6 inch mirrors and use them. like bread plates, ”she says.

Outdoor entertainment

Even before the pandemic, Tonda Parks enjoyed outdoor fun during the winter months.

She and her husband Joe are accomplished hosts who have transformed their 1 acre lot in Dover, Delaware, into an outdoor party spot. Over the years, the Parks House has been the scene of several large-scale celebrations and fundraisers, including an outdoor evening to benefit the CenDel Foundation, which promotes philanthropy in central Delaware.

For a New Years party, they filled a clawfoot tub with bottles of champagne and white wine. On cold nights, heating towers are stationed on the patio. Because it’s dark outside early during the winter break, lighting is important. Parks parks table lamps outside, many of which she finds at Goodwill. She places a plate of clear glass inside each shade to protect the bulb and socket from snow and sleet. She recently added a solar powered chandelier to her outdoor entertainment space.

“I can’t wait to see him in the snow,” she said.

Parks also has large baskets of blankets on the deck so guests can gather around a bonfire table and make s’mores.

Spruce up your holiday table decorations with advice from a pro like Dear Przelomski, Founder and CEO of Planning Factory in Wilmington. Here she creates a table worthy of a glamorous dinner ./Photo by Jim Coarse

Make room to mingle

When interior designer Mike Dodson of Wilmington, Delaware, throws a party, he looks for opportunities to free up space for guests to mingle. On cold December nights, he encourages guests to keep stocks of beer and wine on a patio or back porch, where it stays cold without the need for large coolers that require a lot of ice and eat up space in the room. ground.

“I like to put a signature service bar in a prominent location. For a party, we brought a machine that made frozen snowballs, which we sprinkled with limoncello for a fun signature cocktail, ”he says.

For a holiday event in Trolley Square, he brought together textured and natural elements – pine cones, burlap, wooden platters, and evergreens – to create rustic vignettes illuminated by sparkling white lights and plenty of candles.

Mother Nature didn’t provide a natural white powder, so Dodson used powder snow to frost a sled, skis, and snow shovel parked near the front door.

Cross the corridors

Interior designer Kate FitzGerald-Wilks of Timeless design in Landenberg, Pa., suggests taking inspiration from your existing color scheme to decorate the rooms at your holiday party.

“Incorporating seasonal decor that supports your home rather than sticking to the traditional – and often confrontational – red and green theme will give an air of sophistication,” she says. “Glitter metals and sparkly string lights are great choices because they are both eye-catching and festive. Bring in some fresh greenery for the mantel and table tops for a natural, classic touch.

FitzGerald-Wilks’ vision of the perfect tree is simple, elegant and cohesive.

“If you like the outdoors, big pine cones and feathers are perfect,” she says. “If you love the beach, the jewel-encrusted seashells, beach colors, and sand dollars are great accents. Just keep in mind that these themes would be difficult to merge. Don’t forget sentimental pieces, but also remember that the more you try to incorporate dissimilar pieces, the less cohesive your tree becomes.

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