Entering the rural lifestyle market


The rural customer and their unique equipment and service needs continue to be a key component of most successful agricultural dealers. With this in mind, we will also continue to provide an overview of this market digitally through RuralLifestyleDealer.com and now also with dedicated periodicals. Rural lifestyle dealer pages in Agricultural equipment.

Many inventory and supply chain issues that large agricultural companies face also affect the outdoor electrical equipment market, but the mindset of the rural buyer is very different from that of a farmer who is probably used to a gap of several months between purchasing equipment and taking delivery. I think you’d be hard pressed to find a rural customer who would be so understanding by purchasing a zero turn or compact tractor and then waiting months or even weeks to take delivery and have the chance to put it on. use. But based on what dealers and manufacturers are telling us, this may be the reality we face due to low or no inventory (we’d love to know what you see and hear as well as how you tackle it – feel free to write to me at [email protected]).

Although the problems of rural equipment buyers and the approaches to deal with them vary somewhat from those of their counterparts in large agricultural enterprises, their dollars are nonetheless green and the income they generate is no less. valuable for your dealership. Thus, we will continue to highlight the opportunities that exist there while providing you with the tools and advice to foster and develop this part of your business and maximize its impact on your bottom line.

Michael Ellis, editor

[email protected]

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