Farm and Dairy Newsroom awarded for 2020 writing and design


Farm and Dairy’s newsroom staff have received national and regional awards for writing and design. (Left to right: Rebecca Miller, Sarah Donaldson, Rachel Wagoner, David Hartong and Aimee Tenzek.)

Farm and Dairy Newsroom staff have received national and regional accolades for writing and design projects 2020 from the National Newspaper Association, the Ohio Society of Professional Journalists, and the Ohio Associated Press Media Editors.

Dairy dilemma

The four-week in-depth review of the U.S. dairy industry, released in January 2020, reported and written by reporter Rachel Wagoner, won the top national award for best investigative or in-depth story or series, for no -daily with circulation of 10,000 or more.

“An incredible accumulation of information on the current state of dairy farming,” wrote the ANI judge. “Good reporting and excellent storytelling.”

The series also won second place for Best Business Report, in the Ohio SPJ competition.

For his design work for the series, David Hartong, Farm and Dairy artistic director, won second place as the state’s best graphic artist in the APME competition.

Rachel Wagoner

Wagoner also won’s top national award for best obituary, for “A Milkman in Memory,” an August 6, 2020 portrait of the life and memory of Doug Dye, a dairy farmer who died in a tragic death. accident.

“A beautifully told narrative obituary, with memories from multiple sources woven seamlessly into a life-honoring tale, as well as reports of death and aftermath,” the ANI judge wrote.

The profile also won first place for Best Personality Profile in Trade Publications, from the Ohio SPJ.

“Excellent profile of a man… remembered by family, friends and the community as they grapple with his loss,” writes the SPJ judge. “The writer has done a great job balancing technical knowledge with the emotional memories of Doug Dye.”

Sarah donaldson

Journalist Sarah Donaldson took top national honors for “‘One Extreme After Another’: Climate Change Is Forcing The Region’s Agriculture Sector To Adjust Its Practices,” published October 22, 2020. The final story of the series “The cost of food”, she won the prize for the best agricultural prize. history category, for newspapers, dailies or non-dailies, with a circulation of 6,000 or more.

“In a world where climate change is debated daily, who better than to talk to the people who must tackle the climate to increase the nation’s food supply? wrote the ANI judge. “Very enlightening work that draws on facts, science and the observations of those who live close to the land on how farmers are coping. “

The story also came out ahead of “Dairy Dilemma” for the best Ohio SPJ trading report. “I learned so much from this post,” wrote the SPJ judge. “Very nice layout and great report.”

Donaldson’s article, “Dad’s hands and feet: Family rallys around Father with Disease,” published on June 18, 2020, won the SPJ’s first place for the best general article in trade publications. The story was about Chip Benton, an agricultural mechanic whose family rallied behind him after he was diagnosed with a neurological disease.

“A beautifully told story about family, love and what to do when life presents you with challenges,” the SPJ judge wrote. “The article does a great job of bringing out small moments to help the reader connect with the profiled family, but never loses sight of the bigger story. Well done.”

Rebecca Miller

Editor-in-chief Rebecca Miller was NNA and SPJ second in serious column writing. The NNA category evaluates all publications with circulations of 12,000 or more. The SPJ category covers professional publications.

Graphic design

David Hartong, Artistic Director, and Aimee Tenzek, Editor-in-Chief, were recognized in the 2020 Associated Press Media Editors competition, out of more than 1,400 applications judged.
In addition to being honored for his work on “Dairy Dilemma,” Hartong joined Tenzek in winning second place for best full-page design.

“The illustration and the use of colors tell the story before you read the first word,” wrote the APME judge. “The page is clean and beautiful and will certainly make any reader want to pick up the paper off the shelf.”

There were a total of 1,409 editorial and advertising entries in the NNA contest, with a total of 509 awards given to 83 member newspapers in 33 states. In the SPJ contest, there were 255 awards, out of 580 entries. The contest is sponsored by the Cincinnati, Cleveland and Columbus chapters of the organization. The APME competition featured 1,418 submissions from 52 newspapers.


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