Farm equipment maker KisanKraft secures order for 5,000 inter-cultivators from Nepal


KisanKraft, the Bengaluru-based farm equipment manufacturer for small and medium-sized farmers, has booked an order for 5,000 inter-farmer from Nepal.

This is the first major export order for KisanKraft, which has started manufacturing a range of equipment, including inter-cultivators and water pumps at its new factory in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh.

“We have generated a lot of interest in our machines in many SAARC countries and in Africa. Nepal’s 5,000 inter-farmer export order is worth around Yen 20 crore, and we expect to get more export orders soon, ”said Ankit Chitalia, CEO of KisanKraft Ltd.

KisanKraft sets up production plant in Nellore

“Our machines have been proven successful in harsh farming conditions in India, and there is a huge similarity in plot size, payment capacity, target uses among farmers in these countries,” Chitalia said.

KisanKraft plans to manufacture more equipment

KisanKraft has an annual manufacturing capacity of 75,000 inter-grower in Nellore. The company expands its factory to manufacture other equipment such as brush cutters and harvesters.

KisanKraft considers SAARC and Africa for export of agricultural equipment

“Our commitment to supplying high quality machinery to smallholder farmers at an affordable price has been recognized and rewarded by customers. India is well positioned to reduce its dependence on agricultural machinery imports and also become a manufacturing hub for exports, ”said Ravindra Agrawal, President of KisanKraft Limited.

Nellore’s factory, equipped with the latest CNC machines, presses and ROHS compliant powder coating line with zero liquid discharge and testing facilities, is designed to meet the huge demand for these products in India. and abroad, Agarwal said.


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