Farm Safety Contest: Design Your Own Sticker


Farmers4Safety and AgriKids have joined forces to launch a farm safety sticker contest called “Stick 2 Safety”.

The competition calls on Irish communities (schools, farmers, community groups etc.) to help create a safer future on our farms by designing a window sticker.

Farm Safety Contest

A spokesperson said It’s farming editor-in-chief, Catherine Cunnane

“We’ll provide you with a template to design a sticker on any farm safety theme. The theme is up to you.

“It could be quads, PTOs, slurry, animals, vehicles or the importance of farmers/farming families looking after their mental and physical health.”

“With design, we want to give you the freedom to think outside the box. Come up with innovative ideas and create an image that promotes safety, health and well-being on the farm.

“With the design, we want you to write a short note (150 words maximum), explaining why you chose to enter the competition. You can discuss the importance of safety, health and well-being in the farms and what it means to you,” the spokesperson added.

“The sticker can be affixed to farm machinery, cars, vehicles and around the farm or home to shine the light and increase awareness of the vital role that safety and emotional well-being play in life. execution of work in the farms.”

To raise awareness

The organizers will circulate the winning sticker to the various agricultural organizations, communities and networks and will win a prize.

The competition aims to highlight and raise awareness of safety, health and welfare on the farm at all skill levels.

Additionally, the organizers believe it gives everyone the opportunity to get creative and highlight what safety, health and welfare means on the farm.

“We hope that by involving different age groups within our communities, we will achieve greater reach for safety, health and welfare on the farm. We will endeavor to put all of your entries on our website,” the spokesperson added.

How to enter and deadline

If you want to find out more about the competition, visit or or email – [email protected]e

The competition deadline is July 8and. You can email the entry/entries to [email protected] (send as JPEG or scan to PDF)


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