Franklin to assess luxury condos, City Hall design and controversial Brownland Farm development on March 8


A rendering depicts the proposed Legends View luxury condominium complex at 201 Cool Springs Blvd. The college of mayors and aldermen will discuss the project during its meeting on March 8. (Courtesy of the City of Franklin)

The Franklin Mayor and Aldermen’s Council will hold a public hearing March 8 on a rezoning and development plan for Legends View, a 20-unit luxury condominium development at 201 Cool Springs Blvd. off Mack Hatcher Drive.

The public hearing on the project, offered by Innovation Group LLC., is scheduled for the regular council meeting at 7 p.m. at Franklin City Hall, 109 Third Ave. S.

The development comprises 18 luxury condominiums, including private office suites ranging from 3,600 to 4,600 square feet each, and two office condominiums of 2,616 square feet each.

The 18 luxury condominiums will each include offices on the ground floor and living space on the third floor, including a living room, kitchen and three bedrooms, according to the proposal. The inclusion of private office suites in residence halls should attract interest from busy executives who want remote workspace in Williamson County, said Eric Powers, president and CEO of The Innovations Group LLC, in December.

On January 27, the Franklin Municipal Planning Commission voted 5-0 to grant the developer, Innovation Group LLC, a 3.56-acre rezoning for development of planned units from the already established regional commercial area designation. for the property.

A report from city planning staff dated Feb. 17 recommends approval of the rezoning and development plan, as the proposed design meets city guidelines for regional retail design zones, as it incorporates offices and residences on the second floor and includes parking under the condominium units. , a design element that frees up surface area for pedestrian connectivity.

Agenda of the working session

Council has set aside time for its March 8 business meeting to review an estimate to complete the schematic design of a new Franklin City Hall and approve a master plan for the new building. The session, scheduled for 5 p.m. at City Hall, is also expected to include a discussion of the highly controversial Brownland Farm development project, which would rezone 233.66 acres near Hillsboro Road and Mack C. Hatcher Parkway.

City Administrator Eric Stuckey recommends council approve a $1.483 million scope of work for the schematic design of City Hall, which would include an economic market analysis taking into account any benefits of include rental retail space as part of the new building.

In January, Stuckey and Deputy City Administrator Vernon Gerth recommended the city approve a $74.5 million plan to build an 80,000 square foot Franklin City Hall.

The Franklin City Hall Master Plan, completed by OHM Advisors and Studio 8 Design in fall 2021, included several potential construction options, including a 112,500 square foot building to replace the converted mall from the 1960s. 1970 which houses the current facility. An analysis of the city revealed that more than 30% of the current building cannot be used by municipal services because it is not properly configured.

Brownland Farm’s proposal seeks to rezone the 233.66 acres from the Agricultural District to the Planned Use District to build 356 proposed units, according to a report from city land use staff dated Feb. 16.

BOMA referred the proposal to the Franklin Planning Commission in October, asking project sponsors Kevin Estes of Land Solutions and Robin and Michelle Anderton to reduce the number of units offered.

A report from the city’s land use department staff recommends that BOMA reject the development proposal. The report acknowledges that the development has reduced the number of proposed units from 395 to 356, but plans to develop residential units in a floodplain area conflict with Envision Franklin, the city’s long-range planning document. town.

“Staff still recommends disapproval because this plan does not adhere to the conservation design concept in Envision Franklin, which does not support any development in the floodplain and floodway,” the report said.

The 5 p.m. working session and the 7 p.m. meeting can be viewed here.


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