Heirloom Coffee Roasters in Oakland, CA

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This week on Coffee Design we feature newcomer Heirloom Coffee. Their packaging is distinguished by bright colors and bold patterns. The company debuted in November 2021 at the San Francisco Coffee Festival and roasts coffee “grown using 100% regenerative farming techniques”. We wanted to know more about their beautiful packaging as well as their commitment to regenerative farming practices, so we reached out to their VP of Sales and Marketing, Jeff Woods.

Tell us about Heirloom Coffee and its commitment to regenerative practices.

Heirloom began with a mission to raise awareness within the specialty coffee community for regenerative agriculture. Our experienced team are known for producing some of the most recognized specialty lines on the West Coast and have been instrumental in winning the Roaster Magazine Roaster of the Year award along with two other companies in recent years.

Regenerative organic farming is still a very new concept in our industry. While this is likely to be a top sustainability initiative in 2022 for progressive companies like Whole Foods, Google, Apple, and Walmart, most of us now barely realize how regeneration go beyond simple organic standards. Regenerative farms are more holistically sustainable as they promote carbon-capturing biodiversity, animal welfare and social equity.

At Heirloom, we are committed to working only with farms interested in promoting farming practices that renew and heal the land and its people with every harvest.

As a Regenerative Organic Alliance accredited company, Heirloom sources its relationship coffees in conjunction with Sustainable Harvest, which has people in the country, overseeing quality of life, land and coffee. It can take many months or even years for one of our farms to become fully certified regenerative organic, but we are starting to see the first fruits of those efforts with the first officially certified coffees finally arriving!

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Who designed your packaging?

We worked with longtime friend and designer, Michael Hester. He is the CEO of award-winning Oakland design firm, Pavement. We collaborated with Pavement to create a packaging design that embodies our sustainability mission and showcases the unique qualities of each source coffee community.

When did he make his debut?

We launched Heirloom at the San Francisco Coffee Festival in November 2021. We partnered with California-based Alexandre Family Farms (a certified organic regenerative dairy farm) who paired perfectly with our Sugar Phoenix Espresso blend. During the event, we also held the first annual Heirloom Latte Art competition and showcased our coffees to the competitive world of baristas. We served over 10,000 drinks in two days!

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Tell us about the design details on the bags.

For the bag, we chose a fully sustainable option, selecting 100% recyclable material in 3 gemstone colors. Each bag is adorned with an oversized natural paper label, designed to showcase the distinctive details of each of our coffees. We commissioned a local artist to create unique woodcut designs for each unique blend and origin. She transformed the designs into illustrated prints to decorate the label, alluding to the organic and regenerative qualities of our coffees. The complete look feels elevated, but still firmly rooted in accessibility and accountability.

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Which coffees are coming soon and are you excited about?

We locked down the first batch of fully regenerative certified organic coffee from Coopertiva Sacacli of Jinotega, Nicaragua. We can’t wait to roast it and be the first to experience this amazing coffee in the United States! It will be ready for purchase by customers around April.

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Where is Heirloom coffee available?

While we’re currently served in high-end cafes, resorts, and micro-kitchen campuses, we’ve only recently branched out into independent grocery chains. You can also set up subscriptions and buy online. We give away a Kalita kit for over with every new Heirloom subscription.

Thank you!

Coffee Design is proudly sponsored by Savor Brands, your boost of coffeedence by maximizing packaging designs, sustainability and technology.


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