Historic Pillsbury Farm Relocates to New Home


SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) – The Pillsbury House, built by the family that started the Pillsbury Dough company, is on the move. The historic farmhouse is no longer where it was built over a century ago, at the corner of Veterans’ Parkway and East 41st Street in Sioux Falls. It is moved to a new location near Baltic. The house has occupied this location since 1889, you witness the first few inches of a 27 mile journey to his new home near Baltic.

Dale Hoefling has been moving for 20 years, he says he started working with power companies to plan a route to coordinate the move last spring.

As you can imagine, balance is the key to moving something this big. Hoefling says the house sits on 4 carts that can support 40 tons each.

“The beams are there so there is the same amount of weight on each side, when I roll on the road and this one I hit perfectly,” said Hoefling.

This house is the ultimate mobile home, it is 42ft at the top and this thing is heavy.

“It only weighs a hundred tonnes,” Hoefling said.

Loose floors and unbalanced loads are two of the biggest dangers facing movers. Hoefling says the third thing, believe it or not, is something as simple and unassuming as your mailbox.

“More homes are lost on the road bypassing a mailbox because the other tires go too far out of the way and you don’t get them back fast enough,” Hoefling said.

While Hoefling watches outside, it takes a steady hand to drive the truck. Tyler Hudelson is in charge today. He says moves like this usually draw a crowd.

“You’ve got lines of people watching us go by, loving it when they honk, and all. A parade with a big house, we’re the only ones, ”Hudelson said.

Pillsbury House completed part of its journey today. They drove him through a cornfield to a 6 mile road where he will stay until next Tuesday. Then it will begin the last leg of its journey to its new location near the Baltic Sea.

Let’s face it, it probably would’ve been easier to tear it down, but buyers and seller alike see more than just a collection of boards, nails, and paint. It will be a place that once again harbors children’s laughter and the creation of memories. In another 27 miles, it won’t just be a house, it will be a house again.

The new owners of the house, Kevin and Katie Hoekman from Baltic have 4 children.
They have always admired the house and are eager to set it up and move in.

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