Incat Crowther wins CTV design contracts in the United States


Incat Crowther is pleased to announce the award of an order for three vessels to WINDEA CTV LLC, a US offshore Crew Transfer Vessel (CTV) operator. Two of the CTVs will be built by St Johns Shipbuilding in Florida and one by Gulf Craft in Louisiana.

The WINDEA CTV fleet is owned and operated by MidOcean Wind LLC and Hornblower Wind, LLC. (a member of the Hornblower Group), with the technical and operational support of WINDEA Offshore’s shareholder, Ems Maritime Offshore GmbH, which operates a fleet of CTVs in the European market with more than 10 years of experience. MidOcean brings over 40 years of experience in owning US Jones Act vessels in various vessel classes. Hornblower’s global footprint includes operating over 150 vessels on the North East Coast and providing full value chain marine services including design, build, delivery, maintenance and services. operations for government, municipal, military and private sector customers.

This partnership is well positioned to build and operate a large fleet of CTVs that will be needed to serve the continued and rapid expansion of offshore wind energy in the Northeast and across the United States.

The three vessels will initially be chartered by GE at the Vineyard Wind Offshore wind farm 15 miles off the coast of Massachusetts.

The vessels, which are 30m long, are based on proven CTVs developed by Incat Crowther. They feature a large foredeck with a 23mt knuckle boom crane and container mounting lugs providing exceptional flexibility. The vessels incorporate Incat Crowther’s patented Resilient Bow technology which minimizes impact forces when boats land. As is the case with all Incat Crowther CTVs, the vessels have a deadweight capacity of over 50 tons.

A resiliently mounted superstructure provides excellent comfort for technicians and crew with six crew berths provided in the cabins above deck. Other notable features include a large powder room and storage warehouse, fully equipped bathrooms and a discreet mess. The workshop and utility spaces in the hulls are immediately accessible from the cabin.

Vessels are to be powered by Volvo IPS quad propulsion units driven by Volvo DI13 main engines. They are fully hybrid-ready, meaning hybrid system integration is fully considered in the design. This includes dedicated battery voids, reserved wiring space and battery removal hatches.

The vessels will be designed and built under the Bureau Veritas class and will comply with US Coastguard CFR 46 Subchapter L regulations.

Ed Dudson, Managing Director of Incat Crowther Europe, said: “This order is the result of significant joint development between Incat Crowther and WINDEA CTV partners starting in 2019. It is great to have several vessels in construction for what I am sure will be a very successful operation. »


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