Mahindra Farm Equipment logo and EV logo will likely be updated


Mahindra Farm Equipment New Brand Logo
This logo has similarities with the new logo for SUVs

Mahindra has not revealed anything about a new logo for its farm equipment and CV business

Here we have the brand of a new logo that Mahindra is likely to use for its irreplaceable farm equipment and utility vehicle (CV) business.

When Mahindra unveiled its new “Twin Peaks” logo in August, he said the new logo would be reserved for its SUV portfolio. At the time, the automaker said its “Road Ahead” logo would be retained for its utility vehicle and farm equipment products.

Recently, Mahindra has been branded for at least 2 new logos, of which 1 is expected to be used for the brand’s utility vehicle and farm equipment business.

It is well known that the automaker is planning big for the future and aims to invest Rs. 3000 crore for the agricultural equipment segment and Rs. 1500 crore for various subsidiaries by FY24.

This new Mahindra farm equipment logo would serve well for a complete new brand identity for such vehicles, while also having a resemblance to the new logo for the brand’s SUVs.

Mahindra Electric Trademark
This logo should be visible on new electric vehicles from Mahindra

After waiting almost 2 years, Mahindra received the mark for the new logo that it will use for its EV models.

People with good memories will immediately recognize seeing this logo in January 2020 when Mahindra updated the logo for its electric mobility division.

A lot has changed since then and Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited (MEML) merged in March of this year with Mahindra in an effort to solidify the brand’s EV vertical.

This new logo will likely be used for the 8 new electric vehicles that Mahindra will launch on the market before 2027, when the market is expected to have seen 20% penetration of electric SUVs.

Among them, 4 models will be based on existing internal combustion cars, while the rest will be new vehicles. In addition to setting aside Rs. 3,000 crore (by FY24) for its electric vehicles, Mahindra is also seeking investors to expand its electric vehicle business.


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