New publication by Shlomo Gabbay, MD “Intelligent Design versus Evolution” is an engaging philosophical and theological discussion


“Intelligent design versus evolution”: a thought-provoking presentation that is sure to challenge the belief systems of many readers. “Intelligent Design versus Evolution” is the creation of published author Shlomo Gabbay, MD

Gabbay chose to share, “Dr. Gabbay is a Cardiac Surgeon. He graduated from Tel Aviv Medical School. Dr. Gabbay trained in Cardiac Surgery at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York (Graduate in 1980). His scientific knowledge has always been multidisciplinary in scope. Dr. Gabbay has always been interested not only in biology and medicine, but also in social issues. During his studies in medical school, science medicine, biology and human development have prompted him to dwell on the question of evolution versus intelligent design.

“Dr. Gabbay’s interest in science began in high school. He graduated from an agricultural high school which gave him a broad field on the botanical and animal world and medical school gave a broader field. broad in biology and medicine. In this book, Dr. Gabbay has gathered objective scientific information for and against the theory of evolution against intelligent design and creation. This book is not intended to convince the reader to adopt one theory, but to be read objectively to understand what science has to offer for both theories and to allow readers to decide which viewpoint they support. The intention of this book is also to allow anyone to talk objectively about these two important theories.

“Dr. Gabbay has published a book on philosophy and political science. Previously, while practicing heart surgery, Dr. Gabbay conducted a lot of research on heart valve surgery and developed many heart valve designs To understand how the body rejects any medical device, Dr. Gabbay spent a great deal of time and research studying the immunological system and function, which led to the development of a biochemical treatment of animal tissues to prevent rejection, degeneration and calcification of implanted heart valves in children or adults. Dr. Gabbay has always been fascinated by the immune system and how intelligent design is. His forty-six years of research based on understanding the how the body rejects implanted medical devices and the findings of this research prompted Dr. Gabbay to write this book (see chapter re 5 of book 1 and chapter 1 of this book).

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, the new book by Shlomo Gabbay, MD offers a unique exploration of evolution and creationism.

Gabbay shares the hope of challenging and encouraging critical thinking in readers who pursue a deeper understanding of life.

Consumers can purchase “Intelligent Design versus Evolution” at traditional bookstores or online at, Apple iTunes Store or Barnes and Noble.

For more information or inquiries on “Intelligent Design vs. Evolution,” contact Christian Faith Publishing’s Media Department at 866-554-0919.

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