“Nightmare” experience moving agricultural products through California ports right now



I’m Clinton Griffiths with today’s AgDay Minute.

A “nightmare” is what agricultural exporters say they are currently experiencing while trying to move agricultural products through California ports. An increase in freight volumes, reduced port labor and other issues have contributed to a shortage of sea containers. Shippers trying to export California crops and commodities say they have suffered canceled reservations, increased costs and concerns over lost business. They fear that the problems will subside for weeks or even months.

And shipping issues aren’t good news if you’re enjoying that morning cup of coffee. It is reported that the coffee supply in the United States is decreasing and wholesale prices are increasing due to the global shortage of shipping containers. Coffee stocks have fallen to their lowest level in six years in the United States, even though Brazil has a record harvest. Experts say shipping costs have more than doubled from Latin America.

One thing Americans have stocked up on is meat. New data shows grocery store sales of meat climbed 20% between 20-19-2020. The North American Meat Institute, also claiming that three in four Americans agree that meat is part of a healthy, balanced diet. This is almost 20% more than last year. And almost all American households, over 98%, bought meat in the last year.

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