Plans to demolish a farmhouse for a new housing construction


Plans have been made to demolish a farm and build a new house in its place.

The application was submitted by Darren Mills, the owner and occupant of Umberton Farm near Salford Road in Over Hulton and surrounding farmland, for the construction of new housing.

The new proposal is larger in size and scale compared to the current farm, but would be built on the ‘footprint’ of the farm.

The proponent says the proposal will not damage the greenbelt and that it is a significant distance from any neighboring property, which will cause a lot of disruption.

A planning statement with the request said: “The fundamental objective of this proposal is to create a house of distinct architectural quality, offering a sustainable and traditional dwelling with contemporary touches and and above all respects the existing agricultural character in the immediacy. existing buildings on site.

“The existing farm has been uninhabited for several years and is currently vacant. It is not suitable for family life and will remain vacant in its present condition and form. Not only does it provide unsustainable and impractical living conditions, but the existing design and layout is dysfunctional and unsuitable for modern life.

“It has been emphasized by the architect, and agreed by the applicant, that the character of the site is in no way diminished or damaged by the proposals made in this application.

In fact, the opposite has been emphasized in that to enhance the character and charm of the site, there is a need for replacement housing that will embrace and consolidate the presence of the farm on the site.

“It is therefore considered that the existing features of the site associated with the appearance and strategic layout of the replacement housing and the conservation and protection of the site layout merit significant weight to allow construction. of a larger replacement home and should be assessed, in addition to the points listed above, as special circumstances necessary to justify this proposal.

A decision on the request is expected to be made by the end of September.

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