The Lasting Joy brasserie, with its one-of-a-kind design, will open in mid-May


TIVOLI — The Hudson Valley will host a one-of-a-kind new brewery and tasting room this spring in the bucolic town of Tivoli, NY. The Lasting Joy Brewery, founded by longtime brewer Alex Wenner, is located on a scenic pastoral route dotted with working farms cultivating some of the Hudson Valley’s iconic agrarian offerings, providing the perfect retreat for locals and city dwellers alike. . Opening in May, Lasting Joy will offer a core lineup of four beers year-round, a rotating selection of seasonal releases, as well as wine, cider, spirits and food from nearby producers. The dream of high school sweethearts Alex and Emily Wenner – who share a passion for beer and hospitality – has come true, visitors of all ages and abilities (accessible seating is provided), along with their pets, are welcome to this new brewery, scheduled for its grand opening in mid-May.

“My favorite things are my family, beer and brewing. Over the years, as Emily and I have become parents to four children, I have always been looking for a place where I can enjoy both at the same time.At Lasting Joy, we aim for product quality that will satisfy the most discerning beer lovers, coupled with a hospitality experience that will entice their friends and family to stay and linger for the after- noon – Alex Wener.

The tasting room is an open pavilion set on 31 acres, at the edge of an agricultural field and against a backdrop of dense forest. Designed as a space without walls, the uplifting roofline and fully glazed enclosure flood the space with natural light. Much like the weathered farm equipment that once cultivated this field, the exterior of the building is clad in steel that ages over time and provides a rugged contrast to the warm interior space that is defined by its natural wood frame and stunning views. Next door, the existing barn has been converted into a brewery and offices, with sliding glass doors into the brewery allowing customers to experience the beer-making process. With a central hexagonal floating bar with 12 taps, the room can accommodate 60 people and 99 standing places. Drivers will find electric vehicle charging stations in the parking lot and the tasting room will reduce waste by avoiding plastic and using biodegradable utensils and sustainable cleaning products.

“Everyone needs a rest and to feel welcome right now. We hope Lasting Joy will be a place where our guests can get respite from today’s challenges and relish the things that bring them joy. joy in their life.” – Emily Wenner.

Alex and Emily decided on the name of the brewery when they thought about their goals for raising their children and starting a business together. Knowing that the process would be marked by all the typical ups and downs of life, they decided to focus on the joys that endure even in difficult times. The name became particularly appropriate as they got closer to opening amid the pandemic. Lasting Joy is led by Katherine Telesca, a local native who brings her hotel management and craft beer expertise to the team, and Matt Brown, a new Red Hook resident who has started and led several organizations over the past two years. last decades.


To learn more about Lasting Joy, visit them at and follow them on Instagram at @lastingjoybrewery.


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