The NegOcc agricultural products fair promotes the preservation of the environment


AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS FAIR. Farmers and fishermen from various grassroots organizations in Negros Occidental working with the Provincial Office of Environmental Management are holding a produce sales event at the Capitol Grounds in Bacolod City. In total, 17 associations are participating in the event which runs until July 15. (Photo courtesy of Negros Occidental Capitol PIO)

THE CITY OF BACOLOD – Various popular organizations (POs) of Negros Occidental supported by the Provincial Office of Environmental Management (PEMO) sell agricultural products, mostly organic and naturally grown, at a 15-day fair on the grounds of the Capitol here .

Luisa Tutor, senior environmental management specialist, said on Wednesday that the “green event” brings together local farmers from the highlands and coastal areas.

The activity, which runs until July 15, is part of the celebration of the 27th Provincial Environment Month with the theme “Air Pollution: We Can’t Stop Breathing, But We Can Do Something” for the quality of the air we breathe ”.

Tutor said participating farmers use biodegradable materials like leaves, abaca, paper and native baskets as packaging materials and containers instead of plastic.

“Through this annual event, we promote conservation economy businesses, as our participating farmers defend our natural resources through pro-environmental practices. Conserving the environment would mean sustainable livelihoods for them, ”she added.

This year, 17 associations of farmers and fishermen participate in the fair and present various products such as rice, vegetables, root crops, processed foods, dried fish, herbs and fruit trees.

She added that through the activity, they also encourage farmers to become entrepreneurs to generate more income.

PEMO’s vision is to create a healthy environment, create self-reliant communities and promote sustainable economic growth, Tutor said. (ANP)


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