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Chinese shipyard ZPMC and Ulstein Design & Solutions have signed the ship design contract on two types of Service Operation Vessels (SOV) for the Shanghai Electric Windpower Group. These are the first SOVs specifically designed for the Chinese offshore wind industry. Ulstein Design & Solutions and Shanghai Electric have joined forces to be the first to enter China’s offshore wind operation and maintenance (O&M) segment.

As the first SOVs in China, the design process was carried out based on Ulstein’s experience in the field of operation and maintenance of offshore wind farms. The first SOV project contains two different designs, both with ULSTEIN’s signature design features, the X-BOW and X-STERN. Both designs will focus on optimizing their operational capability, capabilities and economy. With the battery installed, the vessels will offer a greener footprint when servicing the renewable energy segment.

“Choosing Ulstein Design was based on their market leadership, proven track record and local presence. During the process of developing these concepts, Ulstein dedicates itself to its professionalism and expertise. Close collaborations between Ulstein, ZPMC shipyard and Shanghai Electric have established a solid foundation for the projects. Shanghai Electric is the leading supplier of offshore wind turbines in China, and with these two world-class SOVs, we believe we can bring more values ​​to our customers and provide a safer working environment for our offshore colleagues,” said said Ma Chengbin, General Manager of Shanghai Electric’s engineering services company.

“We are proud to announce this important milestone with Shanghai Electric and ZPMC. The cooperation with ZPMC shipyard dates back to 2012 when the ULSTEIN DLS 4200 heavy lift ship design was built there, and currently the JSD 6000 project, another Ulstein heavy lift ship design, is progressing well in this yard. We look forward to cooperation with ZPMC and Shanghai Electric. It is gratifying to be part of this revolutionary project. Together, we are committed to transforming innovation into safer, greener and more sustainable operations,” commented Managing Director Runar Muren at Ulstein Design & Solutions.

The use of SOVs will significantly improve the efficiency of service operations at offshore wind farms in China, including construction support and O&M stages. Both designs will be reliable and environmentally friendly platforms and comfortable workplaces at sea. Great care has been taken to provide technicians with safe and continuous access from the vessel to the wind turbines and to ensure storage sufficient and well-organized logistics on board ships.

“We are honored to have been selected by Shanghai Electric and ZPMC to design the first SOVs in China. These will form part of a new standard for future operation and maintenance operations in China. We have worked closely with customers and our colleagues in Norway and will continue to further develop the Chinese offshore wind industry,” said Johannes Røren, Managing Director of Ulstein Marine Services.

“This contract marks Ulstein’s entry into the Chinese offshore wind market, after the first dedicated offshore wind support vessel (Siem Moxie, now: Seaway Moxie) entered the European market in 2014. Ulstein has, in the years that followed, designed and built several other O&M vessels for the European offshore wind market. Ulstein also developed Jones Act compliant O&M vessel designs for the US market. Entry into the Chinese and US markets, as well as Ulstein’s position in the European market, is not only a milestone for each market separately, but overall a recognition of Ulstein’s capability in the offshore wind segment,” concluded Muren.


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