Unique Bedford County farmhouse saved from demolition | Local News


Upstairs, the bedrooms radiate out into the attic from a large central hall, each room being linked together by cupboards. One bedroom has been transformed into a bathroom.

The house also has a hidden room, just three feet wide and six feet long. Inside the room, the couple found a bundle of love letters, tied with a tattered pink ribbon, dating from 1887 to 1891.

“The origin of these letters is unknown,” says the app. “From the names on the letters, they do not appear to have been written or received by someone known to have lived in the house. “

Love letters predate the house. There is no access to the hidden room except for a ceiling panel in a closet.

“It was definitely a special place for someone,” Jo Anne said. “It was obviously someone who was having an affair.”

The farm has also changed in the nearly 30 years since the Millers have owned it.

When they closed the farm, Jo Anne and Jay talked about what they wanted to do with the land. Jay suggested raising cattle, but Jo Anne didn’t want to raise a cow to find it on her plate. Soon after, they began to take in abused and neglected horses and take care of them.

Jo Anne has a background in education and quickly began using these horses in a therapeutic riding program to help teens cope with their own trauma. The farm has helped 504 horses recover from malnutrition, abuse and neglect, while pairing them with teenagers who may have similar challenges in life. All of the students who completed the Brook Hill Farm programs graduated from high school and many graduated from college.


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