Vehicles and farm equipment block the Emerson Port of Entry at the crossing point between Manitoba and North Dakota


(KXMB) – Protests by truckers at the Emerson Port of Entry stalled traffic on Thursday morning, causing the port to close, according to a tweet of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Manitoba.

The protest involved a “large number” of vehicles and farm equipment, halting northbound and southbound traffic at the Manitoba-North Dakota border crossing at Pembina.

Pembina-Emerson Entry Point Crossing Map

A protest involving a large number of agricultural vehicles and equipment blocks Emerson’s port of entry. No traffic passes either northbound or southbound. The port of entry is closed. Please avoid the area. #rcmpmb is on stage.

RCMP Manitoba (@rcmp)

These ‘Freedom Convoy’ protests began last month and have since crossed Canada after the implementation of COVID-19 restrictions January 15thincluding requiring truckers entering Canada to be fully vaccinated against the coronavirus.

The United States imposed the same requirement on truckers entering that country from January 22.

A KX News demonstrator speak with at a recent protest in Portal, he said he was concerned about the number of unvaccinated drivers who would not receive the vaccine and the impact this could have on shipments like food and other necessary items .

“It’s their livelihood. They’re just feeding their family, they think it’s wrong for them to do something wrong because they don’t deal regularly with the general public,” Percee Jay Riedel, Mayor of Roche , a Canadian town near the border, said.

And, for the fourth consecutive day, dozens of truckers blocked the Ambassador Bridge from Windsor, Ontario to Detroit, disrupting the flow of auto parts and other goods between the two countries.

The United States is bracing for the possibility of similar truck protests inspired by the Canadian protests.


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