Week of January 28, 2022


Farm equipment editors come across a variety of articles, social media posts, podcasts and videos that offer a unique look at various aspects of our formidable agricultural machinery industry. Here’s our favorite content from the last week on the web. “The Best of the Web This Week” is brought to you by CLEANFIX.

Percy vs. Goliath and the connection of our industry…

We’re drawn to any story that relates to our industry, and this week we caught up with our viewing on Amazon. Percy versus Goliath is a 2020 film about Percy Schmeiser’s (played by Christopher Walken) famous fight against Monsanto, who sued him in the late 1990s over Roundup Ready canola and its “seed saving” practice. If Percy’s last name is familiar to a younger generation, it’s probably because of John Schmeiser, CEO of Western Equipment Dealers Assn. (WEDA), which is making headlines these days. John is Percy’s son and was portrayed by a brooding Luke Kirby as a composite character in the film.

John is a central figure in another drama – that “variety” involving merchant associations. Last month came the announcement that Schmeiser’s large WEDA group will merge with 3 other equipment dealer associations after member approval this spring. Meanwhile, 5 other regional associations are uniting to oppose the merger (click here for the latest developments and comments).

We’ll give this movie a COMBINED 3.5 out of 5, with a slight penalty because the filmmakers omitted Percy’s equipment dealer from the story. Percy, who died in 2020 just before the film was released, ran 2 dealerships – Schmeiser’s Garage and Central Farm Sales – which were later sold to Farm World, served on the White Farm Equipment Dealer Council and was a director of the Saskatchewan-Manitoba Implement. Dealers Assn. (SMIDA). He was awarded SMIDA’s highest honor in 1984. Interestingly, Percy versus Goliath is largely a “farmer strikes back” story, a story likely whispered in the ears of the plaintiffs for relief by their attorneys…

See the guest blog by Percy Schmeiser’s son, John, here.

A 6th generation farmer breaks down right to repair

John Deere dealer 21st Century Equipment shared this video of 6th generation farmer Carson Kahler on January 19, 2022 on their Facebook page. Kahler breaks down some misconceptions about the so-called right to repair movement, including that farmers don’t have access to diagnostic tools and software to allow them to fix their equipment.

Automation comes to the orchard

Gary Thompson, COO of GUSS Automation, shared this video on LInkedIn of the mini GUSS in action during a demonstration at a Washington apple orchard. According to the company, a single employee can operate up to 8 GUSS sprayers at once from the comfort and safety of a van using a laptop computer. The autonomous sprayer will be available in spring 2022.

What’s really going on in tool design?

This Youtube video by Joe Bassett of Dawn Equiment and Zack Smith of Stock Cropper dives into tool design and the iterative steps to refine a “new in the world” product. Plus, we love Zack’s nod to “good country” to open the 13-min. video.

The best of the web this week is brought to you by CLEANFIX.

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